FEARLESS is a fast-paced science fiction miniature game played by two or more players. Designed as a skirmish system requiring only a few miniatures beginners won't have any difficulties to understand the rules. The role-playing elements included allow detailed campaigns and tournaments, and challenge even professionals with new and exciting perspectives.

Rusting and desolate industrial complexes, lost ruins, deserts, swamps and woods are the new arenas surrounded by plasma field emitters allowing nothing, no even light, enter or escape. Placed around the arenas are huge monitors showing the fight in the best 3d quality available to humanity. Ultimately the fans want to see the mercenaries fighting, at least to see if they bet on the right champion.

The size and form of any arena depends on the number of fighting parties. There is one gate for each team, and these gates are the only entrance through the deadly plasma field. For the waiting mercenaries it is the only way in and it is also the only way out - dead or alive!

After the players have decided the way the arena is built and after the gates have been set, the roll of a die decides, which player begins in the first round. Usually Fearless is played with teams of 3 to 5 miniatures, which must enter the arena through the gate one after another. Each character possesses different special abilities to deploy against his foes. But as in real life many actions allow reactions, so you can react on the moves of your opponent, resulting in a constant flow of attack and retreat, hit and run, charge and take cover.

The advantages of FEARLESS

- Easy and realistic rules
  Through the use of actions and reactions everything can happen.
- Easy to learn
  An example of play and detailed character sheets allow easy learning of the rules.
- Quick to play
  No time-consuming preparations are required.
- Humorous and exciting
  Each miniature represents a complete character with his own abilities and weaknesses.
- Excellently designed miniatures
  All miniatures are highly detailed.
- Only 3-5 miniatures required
  You can start with a few miniatures. There is no need for large and expensive armies of miniatures.
- Not much room required
  Even a small table is sufficient for a challenging battle.
- Optional terrain
  You can use various types of terrain.
- Options for tournaments and campaigns
  Using the role-playing elements you can improve your characters between the battles and so you are able to prepare your team for increasingly more challenging tournaments and campaigns.
- Low price
  Besides the basic box even the expansions and new miniatures are available at low prices.
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