2nd Edition

The 2nd edition was replaced by the 3rd edition now. If you look for a much cheaper way into the fantastic world of the future and arenabattles or the rare miniatures in this box, don't miss these chance, because this box isn't in production anymore. Here you can see the 8 possible miniatures of the box. When you click it they will become bigger to take a closer look and you can watch the profiles you need for playing of every miniature.

As the manager of a team you buy mercenaries to win the fights in the Arena. Each mercenary is an individual and may be a human, a mutant, a droid or a robot and even alien races like the Maygones, Cysions or the dreaded Plasmodes may be included in a team. Each of these mercenaries has his own abilities but also his own weaknesses.

With strategie and taktic your fighters will earn the victory, but there have to be a little bit of luck. A 20-sided dice rules about the little bit of luck or disluck.

In a fight of life and death the mercenaries earn credits. Whith these credits your mercenarys are able to visit training-camps to improve their abillitys.You're also able to spend the credits into better weapons and armour, to make them more stronger.

The box includes:

3 of 8 miniatures (random selection), a D20 (20-sided dice), the gamemanual and a cardboard of templates, hidden-markers and  gates.


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