The Tournament Box is an additional power pack for Fearless players.The Fearless Tournament Box is no game in it's own right and requires the Basic Rules Box for playing!

The tournament rules feature updates and improvements of the basic rules to make Fearless even more realistic and exciting. Official tournaments always make use of these rules.

In addition to these official tournament rules the rule book includes new templates for weapons and new character sheets, tournament rules for customizing armor and new equipment to improve the mercenaries.

To test these new rules there is a complete scenario 'Ranger vs droids' and even the miniatures required  (3 droids and 2 rangers especially equipped for droid-hunting) are included in this box. These miniatures may be used even in normal play. Besides there is a miniature for technical equipment (pewter or resin) and templates to represent wood.

Last but not least this box introduces new characters and offers statistics and pictures of these mercenaries.

This box contains:

1 rule book presenting

  • the tournament rules
  • background information
  • a ready-to-play-scenario for two or more players
  • additional equipment
  • more than 20 new characters
  • new character sheets
  • new templates for old and new weapons
  • frequently asked questions
  • 5 cut-out terrain templates for wood
  • 5 new miniatures (3 droids and 2 rangers)
  • 1 piece of equipment for use in the scenario (pewter or resin)
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