Titan 2577

Titan 2577 is a completely new game for the sophisticated tabletop players. As it is based on the rules of FEARLESS, a FEARLESS has little difficulty in entering player. It can also be used in all figures FEARLESS Titan2577. Here the number of miniatures is no longer on 3-5 characters, but should it be directly with any number of troops (each 3-10 characters), the dreaded Titans and played even vehicles.

March on any ground alternates the units on the field. In contrast to other game systems, the various actions are performed while in the military compound, but it still will be the abilities of each character used. Even with Titan2577 the units (limited) to respond to the actions of their opponents. Since it is already in the preparation of the army to plan wisely. The better tactic wins. For the little bit of luck that you need in real life, to meet unexpected situations, a 20-sided die is used.
The rules are one part, accurate information and examples of the rules, the other is in the gray area at the edge of the most important short summary. Specific and important information are provided with a double blue border. Thus, the newcomer is just like the professional any time soon, the information he needs now. Of course, the rules booklet also has an index.

Some advantages of Titan2577:
- Good strategic elements
- Very individual structure of the army possible
- Suitable for campaigns
- Individual characters (with their own wounds)
- Interactive play.

Besides Titan2577 is also the game FEARLESS is in the box. FEARLESS is a real Shirmisher system. Here teams are sent only 3-5 characters in the arena. Not only easy to learn but to play fast. In contrast to Titan2577 where one is expected to have a running time of 150 minutes, a FEARLESS Fight in the Arena already within 30 to 45 minutes played. For more information please click on the button FEARLESS.

Contents of the box:

- Titan2577 rules
- Various weapons and site templates
- Various character sheets and sheets troops
- 3 out of 6 random characters FEARLESS
- 30 character cards
- Fearless 3rd Edition Rules
- A 20-sided dice

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